Robotic Generator Inspection

Having your generator inspected regularly is essential to ensure it has a long life. A generator is responsible for converting energy into electricity, which can power everything—from manufacturing machines to keeping the lights on. Traditional generator testing takes more than 20 days to complete. Inspectors have to delicately remove parts of the device, inspect each piece, and eventually rebuild it. This is a long process and requires that the machine stop running for almost a month. However, if you don’t regularly inspect your generator, you are at risk for much bigger problems.

That’s why we’re proud to offer our robotic generator inspection services around the world. For this service, we use a robot designed to fit in-between the retaining ring and the generator’s core, which is typically between 10 to 60mm. Since the robot is small enough to crawl through that space, there is no need for disassembling. Our NDE robotic generator testing saves time and money.

One of the biggest advantages to our robotic generator inspection services is that they are non-destructive evaluations. This means that there is no need to disassemble the generators, saving you time on labor and results. This also lowers the risk of any pieces being damaged while reassembling.

The robot we use is ultra-nimble, which allows it to quickly make its way through the generator. This leads to much more rapid assessments. Our robotic generator testing conducts tests for a variety of issues including wedge tap and EL-Cid.

Our robotic generator inspections include visual inspections. The robot has a high-quality camera that records and displays what it sees to the operator. This helps us find potential problems.

We specifically design the robotic generator inspection to perform quality and rapid generator inspections. It only needs an entrance gap of .9 inches and an HD camera that has a 360-degree view. This ensures we catch any possible issues with your generator.

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