Steam Turbine Inspections

Steam turbines play an essential role in your day to day operations. That said, it’s important you perform steam turbine inspections to make sure they’re running at max capacity. If you neglect to test, you could potentially be opening yourself up for an outage, wasted time, and a huge financial cost.

At Advanced Turbine support, our team brings decades of experience to every project. This knowledge allows our inspectors to find issues accurately and efficiently. We strive to have an answer for you within 24 hours of completing our steam turbine testing service.

We have our specialists placed throughout North America. This allows us to be able to perform our steam turbine maintenance tests around the globe.

Our steam turbine inspections include on-site and open casing inspections.

Our in-situ or on-site steam turbine inspections are ideal for regular testing, which you should complete once a year. This is a non-destructive evaluation of the overall condition of your equipment. We look at overall production, pieces that may need upgrading, and failed parts.

For this procedure, we used our borescope technology. This is a device that has a long, nimble cable with a camera on the end. We are able to slither the cord through the steam turbine and find failed spill parts and other issues.

With our on-site steam turbine inspections, we can have results and a failure risk analysis quickly. This document contains potential risks that may affect your steam turbine and our recommendations.

Open casing inspections

If you notice that your turbine isn’t running as efficiently as before, opt for our open casing steam turbine inspection. During this operation, we take your machinery and open the casing for a more detailed inspection.

While we examine the machinery, we look for imperfections, worn out pieces, and failures such as IP steam path failures.

When we do find the problem part, Advanced Turbine Support offers part retrievals to ensure that you have everything you need to keep your steam turbine running smoothly. 

Contact us for more information about our steam turbine inspections.

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