Ultrasonic and Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspections (UT and PAUT)

Advanced Turbine Support, LLC utilizes advanced phased array ultrasonic technologies to perform many of their proprietary and enhanced inspections. By coupling both conventional and advanced phased array ultrasonic testing techniques with encoding capabilities, Advanced Turbine Support is able to develop and implement high end inspections to meet its customer’s needs. This service is a simpler and more effective way to scan the surfaces of your turbines at various diverse angles, ensuring more thorough coverage and the capability to inspect more complex geometry. This technique is also a good way to inspect the thickness of a material, which is relevant for determining signs of corrosion or erosion.

Phased Array

Advanced Turbine Support has partnered with several customers to develop and customize specific inspections to meet the ever changing issues in today’s aging generation fleet. These turbine ultrasonic inspections exceed OEM recommendations and allow us the ability to identify new issues before they have a detrimental effect on availability and reliability. Phased Array and Conventional Ultrasonic inspection services are performed to ensure component integrity on items such as stationary and/or rotating dovetails and airfoils, bolts and studs, cases and valve bodies, turbine rotors for stress corrosion cracking, and rotating components for life extension evaluations.

Phased array ultrasonic services are by far the most efficient method of inspection—both in terms of effectively monitoring for damage or corrosion as well as how quickly the inspection can be completed. With this technique, you can quickly get your turbines back into service and resume your normal day-to-day activities.

To learn more about our turbine NDE phased array ultrasonic inspections, please give us a call today. If you’re looking to schedule an appointment, our management team can help coordinate and answer any questions you may have concerning our phased array ultrasonic testing techniques.

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