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About Us

Our goal at Advanced Turbine Support, LLC. is to provide a thorough, unbiased, non-destructive evaluation (NDE) based condition assessment of combustion turbines, steam turbines and electric generators. In addition to the typical semi-annual or annual visual borescope inspections, our borescope inspection services have been utilized for baseline inspections, outage planning, pre-commissioning, post-overhaul, unit troubleshooting and warranty inspections.

Our inspectors have been conducting visual borescope inspections on rotating equipment for the power generation utility industry since 1993.  We carry American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) TC-1A Certifications in visual weld inspection, magnetic particle (MT), and dye penetrant testing (PT).  Our staff includes two ASNT Level II and III Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Inspectors who are capable of meeting all of the NDE requirements for inspecting General Electric and Westinghouse Gas Turbine.

We have extensive borescope inspection experience inspecting the following combustion turbines: GE Frame 5's, 6&6B's, 7B's, 7EA's, 7FA's, LM6000's, Pratt and Whitney FT-4 and FT-8, Westinghouse 191's, 251's, 301's, 501AA's, 501B's, 501F's and D5A's.

We have many highly skilled inspectors available to meet your inspection needs. Our inspectors include:


  • Rod Shidler (President)
  • Rick Ginder (CEO)
  • Lelia Ginder (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Michael Hoogsteden (Director of Field Service)
  • Chris McGinley (Operations Manager)
  • Elaine Golman (Office Manager)
  • Julie Christian (Corporate Safety Officer)
  • Brett Fuller (Field Service Manager )

Inspection Specialists

  • John Livingston
  • John Magill
  • Mark Richards
  • Heath Roy
  • Bryan Sladek
  • Michael Sladek
  • Rick Anderson
  • Robert Moretto
  • Gary Fielding
  • Dennis Hughes
  • Rob Boyer
  • Matthew Brown
  • Robert Burkhart
  • Kevin Garcia
  • Guillermo Gonzalez
  • Gregory Hernandez
  • Luis Hernandez
  • Dustin Irlbeck
  • David Cooper
  • Julio Sique
  • Matthew Eason
  • Adam Anderson

We provide services for utilities and OEMs globally. References can be provided upon request.

  • Alliant Energy
  • Alstom
  • American Electric Power
  • Arizona Public Service
  • Calpine
  • Con Edison
  • Dominion
  • Duke Energy
  • Dynegy
  • Entegra
  • General Electric
  • FPL Energy
  • LS Power
  • Mitsubishi
  • NV Energy
  • PSE&G
  • PSM
  • Southern Company
  • Tenaska