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Welcome to Advanced Turbine Support, one of the world's best Gas and Steam Turbine inspection companies. From combustion and steam turbines to generators and much more, we use our extensive knowledge and non-destructive evaluation testing methods to ensure that your machines work at peak performance. We also offer In-Situ blending, Engineering Services, Part Retrievals and Steam Cleaning services. Our goal at Advanced Turbine Support, LLC. is to provide you with a thorough, unbiased, non-destructive evaluation (NDE) based condition assessment of your combustion turbines, steam turbines and generators. Learn how our services can help you today!

Our Services

  • Borescope Inspections
  • Aeroderivative Inspections
  • Eddy-Current
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic
  • In-Situ Dye-Penetrant
  • In-Situ Remote Blending & NDE
  • In-Situ Shim Removal
  • Part Retrieval
  • Hot Gas Path Inspections
  • Quaternary Annulus Inspection/Cleaning
  • Pre-Commissioning & Baseline Inspection
  • Unit Troubleshooting
  • Post-Overhaul Warranty Inspection
  • Engineering Disposition for inspection findings upon request
  • And Many More
Our Valued Customers Include

Michael Hoogsteden
Director of Field Service

Scheduling, technical information, & inspection recommendations.
(727) 631-1467
Contact Michael

Brett Fuller
Field Service Manager

Report reviews and inspection recommendations.
(404) 313-0085
Contact Brett

Rod Shidler
President - Owner

(352) 302-2364
Contact Rod

Chris McGinley
Operations Manager

Estimates, purchase orders, business administration, contracts and billing.
(352) 231-5284
Contact Chris

Bryan Grant
Director of Turbine Engineering

Turbine Engineering and Owner’s Engineer Support
(207) 951-6031
Contact Bryan

Rick Ginder
CEO - Owner

(352) 262-5448
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Some of the machines that we work with include GE Frame 5's, 6&6B's, 7B's, 7EA's, 7FA's, LM6000's, Pratt and Whitney FT-4 and FT-8, Westinghouse 191's, 251's, 301's, 501AA's, 501B's, 501F's and D5A's. We have many highly skilled, English and Spanish speaking inspectors available to meet your inspection needs. For all of your turbine inspection needs, choose Advanced Turbine Support. Call us, and speak to our management team to schedule your inspections today.

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