Turbine Magnetic Particle Inspection

Advanced Turbine Support, LLC, performs several techniques of turbine magnetic particle inspections to best meet your quality standards. With the capability to perform remote yoke inspections on valve components to fluorescent magnetic particle inspections utilizing coils and leads on studs and bolts, Advanced Turbine Support will provide unbiased inspection results that can be used to best manage your fleet assets.

Turbines can quickly fail without warning, which could be a danger to workers and greatly impact your operations if you’re caught completely unawares. Here at Advanced Turbine Support, our magnetic particle inspection services focus on providing you with results that are non-destructive toward your machine. In an effort to keep disassembly to a minimum, we rely on state-of-the-art technology to identify any potential problems with your turbines without needing to be too invasive or take apart your turbine without being sure it’s necessary. In particular, an MPI inspection tests for surface shallow subsurface discontinuities or defections within your turbine’s material—typically being comprised of iron, nickel, cobalt, or other alloys. With these metals, we can create a magnetic field and then survey discontinuities that cause magnetic flux to leak. This process works because air can’t support as much magnetic field per unit volume as the metal material, allowing us to see issues without having to disassemble your turbine.

If you suspect your machines are malfunctioning or if they require a semi-annual or annual checkup, don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Turbine Support for quality, non-invasive turbine inspection services. To schedule a turbine magnetic particle inspection today, please give us a call. Our management team will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Sectors that can make use of our service include aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, structural steel, energy production, and more!

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