Turbine Part Removal

From small debris to large tools, no job is too small or too large! Advanced Turbine Support has the experience and equipment necessary for turbine part retrieval on objects as far as 600 feet from the access point. Furthermore, we also provide turbine part removal for any loose or damaged components.

part retrieval

Experiencing a loose or broken part in your turbine? How about a dropped flashlight or pipe wrench? From Part Retrievals to Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) closeouts, Advanced Turbine Support is here it help! Our skilled technicians and equipment allow us to quickly and carefully retrieve and remove objects that may be causing your machine issues. Such services are necessary to prevent extensive damage or disassembly in order to repair individual parts. This greatly expedites the repair process and cuts back on how much you’ll have to spend on maintenance. This is also a great way to remove tools and equipment that are accidentally dropped into the turbine to prevent further damage from occurring.

Advanced Turbine Support video documents all retrievals up to 150 feet away. Longer 600 foot retrievals and video documentation can be accomplished with advanced notice. This documentation will give you a clear picture of what’s going on with turbine and a thorough assessment of what damage may have occurred.

Advanced Turbine Support has performed many part retrievals. We have even retrieved parts that were submerged in water, oil, and other liquids. Engineering support is available for any abnormalities found. Furthermore, if your turbine has loose or completely damaged parts, our turbine component removal services will safely extract the affected component with minimal compromise to your turbine—no excessive disassembly is required.

Want more information about our turbine part removal services? Give us a call today, and our management team will be happy to work with you and answer your questions.

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